Amelia Jo Trainer (2017–Present)
Amelia came to LANL as a summer student from MIT to help with the testing of input parameters for NJOY21. She performed great work and we desired to continue our association with her. Amelia will perform her Master’s thesis work implementing new data processing algorithms for NJOY21. (Trainer et al., 2020).
Micah Gautney (Summer 2018)
Micah comes to LANL from the Nuclear Engineering Department at Texas A&M University. He will work on creating an implementation of an API for GNDS. This is his second summer at LANL, but the first working in XCP-5.
Nicholas Sly (2017–2018)
Nick performed great work implementing many infrastructure needs regarding the development of NJOY21. He implemented many new capabilities using Amazon Web Services that will prove to be invaluable for the success of NJOY.
Paul Mendoza (Summer 2016)
Paul was brought on to automate the task of running a suite of MCNP benchmarks. We run these benchmarks on a regular basis to validate the nuclear data that we produce and need a simple way to regularly run this suite. Paul came up with creative ways of solving the problem. After graduation, Paul was hired at LANL as a Postdoc.
Austin McCartney (2015–2016)
Austin was hired initially to wrap NJOY2012 Fortran routines so they could be driven by NJOY21 using C++. He quickly proved his worth and became a valued and influential member of the NJOY21 development team. Austin’s work in his first six months resulted in an ANS transaction, (McCartney et al., 2016). Austin won the Outstanding Student Award at LANL for 2016 because of his contributions. He was hired as a Technical Staff Member in XCP-3 following his tenure with me. Austin and I continued working together on NJOY21 until he left the Lab for other opportunities.
Daniel Rehn (Summer 2015)
Daniel was asked to investigate wrapping of C++ code for use in Python. He investigated various tools for wrapping. SWIG was chosen and Daniel began to use SWIG for some of the code for NJOY21. After graduate school Daniel was a postdoc in the XCP-5 group and later was converted to a technical staff member.
Steven Gardiner (2012–2013)
Mentored Steven to produce, verify, and validate the continuous-energy and multigroup-energy nuclear data libraries based on ENDF/B-VII.1. In addition, Steven’s work resulted in identifying bugs in MCNP as well as supplying fixes for those bugs in addition to several technical reports and conference proceedings. Steven won the Outstanding Student Award at LANL for 2013 as well as an LA Award for his contributions. Steven’s work resulted in two publications: (Gardiner et al., 2013) and (Gardiner et al., 2013). Steven is currently a scientist a Fermi National Laboratory studying neutrinos.
Eric Relson (Summer 2011)
Eric was involved in testing continuous-energy data for Monte Carlo applications (i.e., MCNP). Worked to automate running of ICSBEP MCNP models. Automated using MCNP models to create and run Partisn models without writing new input. Eric’s work was published in an ANS transaction, (Relson et al., 2012).