Configuring Network Interfaces

In trying to get pi-hole working at home, I need to have multiple IP addresses for my Raspberry Pi server. I need this because my router requires three different IP addresses.

You can create a virtual network interface temporarily by executing the command:

ifconfig eth0:0 <new IP address>

If you want to permanently do the above you need to modify two files /etc/network interfaces and /etc/dhcpcd.conf. [^Raspbian] The example below are to add two virtual interfaces.


# VLan 1 Interface
auto eth0.1
iface eth0.1 inet manual
  vlan-raw-device eth0

auto eth0.2
iface eth0.2 inet manual
  vlan-raw-device eth0


# Leave physical interface alone
denyinterfaces eth0

# Static IP configuration for VLan 1 and 2
interface eth0.1
  static ip_address=<new IP address>
  static routers=<IP address for router>
  static domain_name_servers=<DNS IP address>

interface eth0.2
  static ip_address=<second new IP address>

After you make these changes, you’ll have to reboot.

This worked mostly well for me. For some reason the second virtual interface didn’t quite take. I’m not sure why.

I learned all of this from the forums on [^Raspbian]: I am doing this with the Raspbian OS, so this may be different in other circumstances